The REAL Rose of Jericho (Anastatica hierochuntica)
The Rose of Jericho is also called the Resurrection Plant.
Like her name there is always life in her.
According to Christian tradition, when Maria, the mother of Jesus, fled through the desert from Judea to Egypt, she was introduced to the magnificent qualities of the Rose of Jericho.
Maria blessed the plant she saw in the desert, and ever since, Christians would keep a Rose of Jericho in their homes as a talisman for fertility, health of the family, and success in farming and other endeavors.
For Christmas and Easter, it is a wonderful present to give.
What makes the Rose of Jericho an “everlasting plant?”
Fill a big bowl with water and immerse the dry and shrunken plant. It appears to be dead, but within a short time it will open up, and spread its branches like the fingers of a hand – wide open! Just as if it had returned to life. Now take it out of the water and let it dry. After a while it will shrink again and close its "fingers" like a fist over the seeds.
In Europe, they sometimes place a gift such as a ring into an open rose, and then let it close again. Once the rose is placed in water, the ring is exposed.

This action can be repeated for over 20 years!
These outstanding qualities evolved because the Rose of Jericho needs to survive in the dry Judean desert where she grows near the Dead Sea far below sea level, and in fact, at the lowest point on Earth. The desert receives no more than 2 inches of rainfall annually – if there is any rain at all. The Rose of Jericho will only open to distribute its seeds when the ground is wet, to start a new generation of plants. She disperses a few seeds at a time because there is no knowing whether they will have enough water to survive. The mother plant repeats this life cycle for 20 years!!!

What she does in Nature – she can do in your living-room !
Elsewhere in the world – NOT in the Land of the Bible – grows a fern also known as the Rose of Jericho. This fern also has the ability to open in water, but the genuine article, the original plant blessed by Maria, grows only in the Holy Land. It is the Anastatica Hierocuntica.

Oded Hamm lives in the desert. He is an expert on desert flora and the first to commercially grow the Real Rose of Jericho, The one and only "Rose" which really grows in the Land of the Bible - at the lowest point on Earth. Next to Jericho and the Dead-Sea.

You can order the Rose of Jericho in attractive packaging, with an explanatory brochure in several languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, and more.

Instructions how to make it open:
Put the rose completely in water so it is covered to the top, and wait for 5 hours .....
Change the water every 2 days.
Once in a week, let her dry, so she stays strong for a long time.


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